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There are all kinds of Iraqis fighting off the U.S. occupation, civilians, insurgents, "freedom fighters", extremists of ALL kinds whether islamists, communists, warlords, former military personnel,etc...

By the way, islamic extremists were surpressed under Hussein's regime. He hated them and they hated him. But now under Iraq, they have come out and allied with Saddam's secular loyalists to fight off the U.S. occupation because they both have the same enemy.

Oh, and my post in which I responded to Delphinium, I thought I was responding to JungleMonkey.So maybe in your post you did not mean the things you said in the way I thought you did. Sorry for coming off snappy on you. I was responding in that way in thinking you were JungleMonkey because he has trashed Middle Eastern culture before and the Muslims. Sorry again!
Delphinium IS JungleMonkey. He/she/it had a name change.