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Thread: Neo-Nazis storm gala; burn copy of Anne Frank's diary

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    Default Re: Neo-Nazis storm gala; burn copy of Anne Frank's diary

    Step one: build time machine....................

    "The howling backwoods that is IMDB is where film criticism goes to die (and then have its corpse gang-raped, called a racist, and accused of supporting Al-Qaeda)" ----Sean O'Neal, The Onion AV Club

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    Default Re: Neo-Nazis storm gala; burn copy of Anne Frank's diary

    Quote Originally Posted by nika_82
    Ähhhhm, Mein Kampf is on a list called the "Index", on it are books, cds which content is being viewed as harmful. If something is on the Index it is not allowed to be sold and thus not allowed to be purchased.
    Reading it is not against the law and I don't think owning is either, but I wouldn't know any sensible person who would want to anyway....
    No and no.
    The "Index" only restricts access to certain books, video games etc. for children and teenagers under 18.
    And Mein Kampf is not on it.
    The state of Bavaria holds the copyright and doesn't allow any reprints of the book. You can't buy Mein Kampf at regular German bookstores but this is purely due to copyright issues.

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