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Thread: The Migrant/Refugee Crisis In Europe

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    By reading all that try not to think that every "religion" is just a stupid cult for stupid people born to be stupid and manipulated... it actually feels so refreshing to be educated and open minded. But also makes me feel unsafe.

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    just catching up on this thread... this is a huge, complex crisis that doesn't have THE solution, since it's many different issues that pile up to one big clusterfuck, but way too many people are simply not able to think objectively or to just say "i'm not sure what the answer is, since i don't fully understand the root(s) of the problem yet" - most people are either black or white with this, some are completely ignorant and will believe anything facebook presents them as facts, others choose to only see the good and ignore the rest. as usual, the media and opportunistic politicians play a huge role in this.
    i'm a bit sick of everyone blaming angela merkel for everything these days, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by faithanne View Post
    I don't see why people in nice clothes with smartphones can't be fleeing just as much as poor hungry people. If your country is torn apart by war and your home destroyed, what do you do? Live in a refugee camp or try your luck getting your family to safety.

    I also doubt most people would risk their lives in leaky boats getting to "safety" just so they can enjoy a western lifestyle. Of course there will be people who aren't genuine and will rort the system, but we can't bomb the shit out of countries and then tell the citizens they shouldn't leave. That didn't work in Iraq either.
    i couldn't like this post enough.

    Quote Originally Posted by yanna View Post
    One argument that I read regarding this is that ISIS is a large organisation and are more likely to just fly people over with fake documents, or something. Why would they risk so much to have people enter Europe the slow way? And it's not like ISIS needs to infiltrate Europe, look at how many second generation immigrants go from Europe straight to ISIS. If ISIS wanted to start terrorist activity here they'd have little trouble recruiting people with European citizenship.
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    "This is not meant to be at all offensive: You suffer from diarrhea of the mouth but constipation of the brain." - McJag

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    The Anti refuggee front is growing here. Up to 380.000 migrants (thats only the official number) have arrived since September. Panic mode seems to rule. As if Germany has the size of Lebanon, when it comes to propaganda Germans are easy to catch.

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