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*cough* you think it's OK for people like Saddam to have a nuclear program? Remember what happened to the Kurds. Also, Israel did not threaten Iran by saying the country should be wiped off the map.
No piperdiva,I believe NO ONE should have nuclear arms. Not the U.S., not Israel, not Saddam,not Iran nor anyone else.

I agree,it is blatantly wrong for Iran to say a comment to that such extent, but I see no JUSTIFICATION for Israel saying they will go ahead and attack Iran's nuclear research facility program (they do not have nukes yet),and they mean it too.They did bomb Saddam's nuclear research facility,even though he had no WMDs. What if Iran said they will go ahead and attack the WMDs that Israel has?

This quote should actually be in the religion forum, as it is written in the Torah that these should be the borders of Israel.

Personally, regarding the Torah/Bible, the erotic moments are more of an interesting read
You know, that is something I wanted to ask a Jew....I heard that in the Torah it mentions that Jews cannot have a nation unless it happens by miracle,and it says that they have to remain without a nation and repent for the sins they did. Also,that they have to respect the nations in which they live in. But this belief is usually from Orthodox Jews. The more liberal and modern Jews say that this rule in the Torah is invalid now before of current events,like the Holocaust that happened with Jews,so that they can have a nation.