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Thread: India Is Letting Its Little Girls Die

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    i believe it is mostly hinduism, not sure about sikhs though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    Okay. I was wondering because my Indian in laws are Catholic. I don't know if the dowry system goes across all religions there - Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Catholic, etc.
    Catholics are a really tiny group in India, like the Sikhs- all Christian groups and Sikhs are about 2% of the population each. Catholics are mostly in the area around Goa.

    Some Sikh's definitely do the dowry thing, even though Sikhism frowns upon it. The dowry tradition is strongest among Hindu's, but does seem to cross over to the other religions, even the Buddhists do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    the dowry system isn't law though, and on paper india is a secular state. in fact dowries have already been banned. but how do you enforce it in a country of one billion?
    it is so hard to change centuries upon centuries of cultural norms. it's been easier in the cities and among the educated elites and middle class but it's the rural and poor who keep the tradition alive.
    my sister's husband is from india, they're from the upper class in bombay. they are educated in private english schools, study university abroad, etc. he's got relatives married to foreigners, there are no arranged marriages or dowries in his family and they are really non-traditional. his female cousins all have careers, some making way more money than their partners. but that's the educated indians. they're in the minority.
    you've got to educate people first, and take them out of poverty, before you can expect centuries-old traditions to change.
    This is so true. Education is so important. It is the key for lifting a country out of poverty and corruption.

    Good post!

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