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Thread: I demand an apology!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok
    Erm, from what I understand it's the muslims not wanting to really integrate, it seems endemic to them wherever they go.

    Hell, even in Canada some of them fit in (the more liberal of them) but the hardcore ones just try to set up their own little enclaves

    they even tried to have Sharia law here, and the premier of the province slammed that shut real quick, and declared there would be NO religious tribunals or dispute settlement whatsoever, and that it was one law for all.
    Well I guess it is a matter of opinion of how you look at it. Sometimes some of them do not want to integrate, and sometimes they try really hard to only to get rejected.Sometimes, society does marginalize them. Even though most people say the Africans Americans and other latinos who live in the ghettos in the States is their faults, I point out that it is because society marginalizes them. Same with the Native American community who are stuck in the reserves. But that is a WHOLE different topic.

    When most Muslims come here, they know they have to integrate, they leave their cultures, their way of life they are used to behind to come here to have a better opportunity.

    As for the whole Sharia law thing, from what I read about it, it was only supposed to be a tribunal for divorces and issues of that sort. The Muslim community did see a double standard because there is Jewish tribunals, Hindu tribunals, etc...They had no problem of getting their tribunals.If McGuinty DID take it away, then why single out Muslims? Take all the religious tribunals away.

    Quote Originally Posted by gonflable
    Yes, it was a Christian paper.

    Someway I highly doubt Christians would burn something if cartoons of Jesus were printed, they'd just pray a whole lot more

    Yes, there are hard feelings towards immigrants, but that may be because of the violent history and the problems we have had because of it. Lots and lots of people seek asylum here (in Norway) and are released out on the streets right away, and sometimes it has had tragic consequences. Like when a man went amok on the subway and stabbed a few people to death, or when a man hijacked a bus and killed the busdriver. It is a small country so things like this make more impact than usual. And then you have the drug problems following these people. Oslo have not been a peaceful city since immigrations started for real, and there are places I won't go alone in fear of something happening... So it's a typical example of people, sadly enough, ruining for those few peaceful ones. Yes, we're sceptic, and I understand that... but that still doesn't give us the right to harass people, and for the most time we're quite calm...

    But I'm venturing off topic, and I have no idea what my point is, as I have just woke up.
    We were talking about this in my Canadian Politics course just the other day. I cannot judge about Europe, but from what I heard from others who have went to Europe, they say they find that foreigners and immigrants are not accepted with open arms.There is this big sense of nationalism in these countries,and they like do not like to let others assimilate where it be Muslims, Seikhs, Buddhists,etc...That is just what I hear though.

    I find that here in Canada, they promote on diversity and promote multiculturalism. So,in the big urban cities,it is just a melting pot. I find Canadians very open to immigrants.

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    Default Re: I demand an apology!

    He DID get rid of all of them, as it was a double standard. Frankly the whole idea was stupid anyway.

    One law for all citizens, no special treatment.
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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