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Thread: Hallowe'en is a menace - all trick, no treat

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    I don't get this Americanisation of everything. I have no interest in importing Halloween and that's what some shops are trying to do here.

    I was in the UK during Halloween and I don't think there was any trick or treating but then again I lived in a campus and there were no children. I remember that Guy Fawkes was celebrated, at least in my Uni. Gorgeous firecrackers. If it's dying out, I don't know if it's an american thing, if the people wanted to celebrate it, they would.

    PS. I'm totally with Aella about those evil carol singers. I never answer the door. The little monsters want money and no amount is ever enough. I wouldn't mind if kids came and candy was all they wanted. And I certainly don't give to the church either. They came to me the other day asking money for a church that I know for a fact is extremely rich since countless people go there every year for a pilgrimage (Virgin Mary of Tinos) and I told them to get lost.

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    Wheres the pragmatism.....this is an American/Pagan holiday

    *Bracing my self for the fall out from that comment*

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