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In general Ourman, what do people in SK think about their poor starving, freezing brothers in the north?
Periodically, there are family reunions in the news; some are flown
to the south to meet relatives, and some go north for brief visits.
When the war was over, thousands of families were divided by
the DMZ -- half on one side, half on the other. So they still
consider the North Koreans "family" to some extent -- like distant

There are still military clashes every so often -- back in June 2002,
some boats from the south and north got into a naval battle that
resulted in a sinking and the loss of several lives -- but some of
the military guys here in Busan think that's just for show. If the
American troops -- more than 30,000 of them -- just got up and
left, they'd lose a big chunk of their economy.

And curiously enough, at least one college student told me, in decent
English, that he believes the USA started the war in Korea to justify
military intervention.