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Thread: Gay Adoption- Your honest thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by southernbelle View Post
    I'm against it UNLESS the child consents.

    I think it should only be permitted if the child is old enough to understand the situation and make the choice for himself. There are plenty of older children who desperately need homes and might not have a problem with it being a gay or lesbian one. If a child consents to being placed in a loving home with two same sex parents, fine.

    I don't think it's right to place a baby or very young toddler in that situation because society as a whole DOES tend to have prejudicial views towards gay families (moreso in some places than others) and that child WILL face significant challenges, ridicule, and/or discrimination. I don't think it's right to put a child in that situation and then say something like, "well, society needs to change!!"
    Wow, is it like the 1960's where you live. What you are saying the children that no one else wants, well we will give them to the gay couples since no one else will take them. What is the matter with you. We have 2 gay couples at our school of 350 children, and we haven't seen a problem with teasing or anything. The kids are happy, I don't hear whispering behind their backs. Once everyone knows everyone else, we are all just parents.
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    Absolutely fine with it. Yes, there may not be a mother/father, but so? People grow up with one parents and turn out fine, people grow up with a mother and father and are messed up inside. Two lesbians will probably know a male who could teach their son all that he needs to know about being a man and vice versa.
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    I think it's fine and dandy

    It seems to be adults who are judgemental and prejudice, kids aren't like that

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