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Thread: Do we need population control?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buttmunch View Post
    Population control is sensible in the age we live in. Barring another black plague or similar we are fucked if the world population continues to grow. A couple of kids each will explode the population so when people are having massive amounts it's just bloody irresponsible. That said, one of my grannies had 14 kids...but back then they needed 'em to work the farm.
    i agree but unfortunately there's a lot of stigma attached to the idea. people immediately get paranoid and compare it to eugenics or the chinese one child policy and totalitarianism. sigh. we're fucked.
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    I also don't think the majority of people have kids to get a bloody bonus from the government. Sure, there are always people who will do that but I think they are in the extreme minority. Why does everyone think so ill of their fellow man?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CCkissesx View Post
    A*O, you're about $3,000 off! The baby bonus is now at $5,000!

    Crazy, huh?

    The thing which most annoys me about it is it should primarily be for the baby. For clothes, formula, nappies, furniture - heck, even put in a bank for them for high school or university, or their first car.

    Way too many Australian parents think it's for them. And buy a bunch of shit with it. I can understand if some of it goes on things which will help the baby, but far too many parents are whinging that maternity leave payments should also be introduced. My view is that I won't be having a child until I can afford it. If more people took that view there would not be so many deadbeats having children, receiving benefits and throwing their children through the same cycle of patheticness.

    If you have enough money, have as many kids as you want. But what shits me is families who don't have anywhere near enough but expect the taxpayer to fund their never ending child support.
    I think it's totally ridiculous and shouldn't exist at all. All it's doing is paying taxpayer money to people who were either going to have a baby anyway, or who shouldn't be having one because they're just after the cash. It doesn't achieve anything at all.

    If anything, the Federal Government should be spending that money on making university education free again. We have a massive skills shortage in Australia and an educated society would be much better investment in our future economy. The kids being born now won't even enter the workforce for 20 - 25 years or so; it's my generation who'll have to support all the retiring and ageing baby boomers for the first few decades. Australia is going to need us to be able to supply lots of doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, etc, not to mention a strong and stable workforce that doesn't have to struggle with huge HECS debts before they've even started.

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