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Thread: Canadian neighbors, is your health system really this bad?

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    I worked in a hospital and I've seen it all. I've never understood why we felt it was okay to cut back on beds and yet we're 'holding' people in storage closets in emergency while they wait...and wait....for a bed to become free.

    I remember seeing Sicko and thinking Moore glamourized things a bit as far as Canada was concerned. I do agree, though, that every system has its problems and we're no different. All in all, I'd take what we've got over the US any day!

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    A few weeks ago, I had to wait for Urgent care to have an exam room because it was a "female problem" - some medication I was taking was creating this weird pressure in my female area. I waited 2 hours, and it took another 2 hours to complete the entire process. It was a nightmare. The nubile young doctor fresh out of medical school didn't even know what the new-fangled looking speculum looked like let alone how to use it. I was treated as though the whole thing was psychosomatic, which it was not. The symptoms disappeared upon stopping the "medication" (note the quotes). But my regular doctor told me to go in to Urgent Care. I will never set foot in that place again. If i'd had to pay anything other than the $10 co-pay, I would have been furious.

    This was in a major hospital with huge facilities, but they had only 2 examining rooms for females? The whole thing is ridiculous. The U.S. health care system is about profit, not health care. Certainly not saving lives providing reasonable care within a reasonable amount of time, or reasonable cost.

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