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Thread: Autism and Vaccines: Why bad logic trumps science

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    I was born in '88 and I got all those vaccines, including the combined MMR vaccine - and guess what? No autism! My sister also survived the vaccines unscathed, as did every single friend of mine. I'm very sure that the increase in diagnoses of autism and Aspergers is more to do with increased awareness and recognition of the disorders, rather than vaccines, processed food or whatever other theories people might decide to come up with.

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    There is also a much, much higher incidence of autism in boys than girls. I wonder what has been made of that.
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    That's true Manx. Coincidentally I read something last week about a researcher who wonders why autism is so much more common in boys than girls and he's working on the idea that it might be linked to testosterone levels. It would make sense. I will dig around and try to find a link.
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    my oldest nephew has aspergers and his bro has the lower fuction one and both have adhd so i dont think its from vaccines at all. i think the ones who get it after the shots already had a tendency for it

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