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Thread: Conservatives the best bet - Winnipeg Sun

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    Default Conservatives the best bet - Winnipeg Sun

    Conservatives the best bet

    Section: Comment
    Page: C19
    Outlet: The Winnipeg Sun


    Prime Minister Stephen Harper. It has a nice ring to it. And that's the result that we want to see tomorrow night when the votes are counted.

    NDP Leader Jack Layton turned in the best line of the entire election when he recently said that Paul Martin "has nothing left to say to Canadians other than to tell them that unless they vote Liberal, the sun will not rise, spring will not come and volcanoes will destroy the earth."

    It's funny because it's true. And it's the reaction that a lot of Liberal supporters are having as they watch their gravy train come to an end.

    But in its own way, it's sad, and it's a testament to just how poisoned political discourse has become in this country when the completely peaceful transition of government from one major party to another in a mature, functioning democracy -- the kind of event that people in large parts of the world would dearly love to experience just once -- becomes the subject of such ridiculously inflated rhetoric.

    No, Canadians are exercising their democratic right to change the government. If the polls are right, they'll choose the Conservatives. And we fully back that.

    The difference this time around is that the Conservatives truly earned the right to form the next government. They presented solid, straightforward policies that we believe will put Canada on a better path for the future by curtailing the government's erratic spending sprees, bringing forward tax reduction, overhauling the Senate, and by its very makeup, ensuring the West has a much stronger voice on the national stage.

    It would be our hope that the Conservative party is elected into office with a solid majority government, as we have no doubts that if the Tories win only a minority government, it would instantly lead to calls from the parliamentary press gallery and Liberal-friendly TV talking heads that Canadians are demanding another election quickly in order to return the Liberals to power with a strong mandate in order to bring political stability to Canada. (These would be, of course, the same people who insisted Canadians didn't want this election because the result wouldn't change anything.)

    We also think a Conservative majority is the most desired result because if the election proved nothing else, it's that the Liberals really need some time in the political wilderness.

    Between over-the-top attack ads that backfired, the last-minute conversion of the Grits to cutting taxes, AdScam, and the culture of entitlement in party ranks, it's obvious that the once-mighty Liberal Party of Canada is morally, ethically and intellectually bankrupt.

    It's a party that stands for nothing other than maintaining power at all costs. Some of the tactics it used in this election are amongst the most despicable we've seen in the democratic world. It's a party that practically drips with contempt for the average voter it seeks to represent (beer and popcorn, anyone?).

    The Liberals need a thorough humiliation at the polls tomorrow. Maybe it will force the Grits to do what the former PC party members had to do after suffering the mother of all political meltdowns in 1993, and that's rebuild from the ground up.

    Choose your Canada, say the Liberals.


    Choose the Conservatives.
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    Default Re: Conservatives the best bet - Winnipeg Sun

    Right wing tabloid... next.
    I am from the American CIA and I have a radio in my head. I am going to kill you.

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