In northern Kenya, a group of Indigenous Samburu women have embarked on a brave new experiment to change their lives. In 1990, led by a woman named Rebecca Lolosoli, they established the village of Umoja, a word that means “unity” in Swahili. Their guiding principle was a powerful one: their village would ban all violence against women. You can read more about this inspiring story here.
Now, they are working on a new project to promote their health and well-being. As we mentioned in this blog a few months ago, MADRE is helping them to launch a water project to bring safe, clean water to Umoja. As it stands, the women must trek down to the river to get water for their daily needs, a long and arduous task. This project will install a water system to bring water up from the river and make it available to the women of Umoja.
Your support is extremely valuable. Click here to donate to this project and to find out more about the need to ensure the right to water for all.

myMADRE: A Village that Banned Violence against Women