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Thread: Egyptian women talk about their experience of sexual harassment

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    Thumbs down Egyptian women talk about their experience of sexual harassment


    Once I was out driving with my brother when he stopped at a supermarket and I waited for him outside. Two guys got out of a car and walked towards me in an intimidating way. They started commenting on the way I look and the way I'm dressed.
    I usually don't answer back, but this time I said: 'I'm not here to get picked up, you know.' This was too much for one of them who started shouting that I was crazy. I replied that even if I were a prostitute, I wouldn't give him a second glance.
    This made him mad. He came right up to me, shouting that he was a policeman and he would 'show me'. In no time three more cars pulled up, and a group of men got out and started yelling at me and my brother.
    I wrote down the number of the first car saying I was going to report him. He got so angry I thought he was going to beat me, so I slapped his face and started shouting 'Rape!' They all ran away, and I was left alone with my brother shaking with fear.
    After this experience I want to make a programme for TV about sexual harassment.

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    I get harassed 100 times a day. I tried everything to stop it but it doesn't stop. I wear loose clothes, I don't wear make up, I spend more than an hour in front of the mirror everyday thinking of ways to hide my body.
    I walk home everyday. It only takes me 15 minutes, I cross the bridge. It is usually very loud and busy, but that does not stop men from approaching girls, any girl, good looking or bad looking, covered or not.
    I remember so many scary harassments. There was this guy who followed me and suddenly grabbed my bottom in front of everyone. I screamed but he ran away and no one interfered.
    Once I was shopping with my father and aunt, and this guy kept staring at me and blowing me kisses. My dad shouted at him and started hitting him. I think men are doing this because they are jobless and have no manners.

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    I get harassed everyday, during the five minutes I walk from my house to the main street to take the school bus.
    Also in the seconds I cross the street when I finish my swimming class at the sports club.
    I was waiting for the school bus once when a microbus driver followed me and kept calling me very bad names.
    I was so scared and embarrassed, I cried.

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    I don't walk a lot in the streets, because I have a car. But I get harassed by guys driving close to me, they try to grab my attention, it could lead to accidents.
    The worst harassment I remember was last winter. I didn't have my car and I was sleeping over at my sister's house. I got up at 0700 to catch the bus and go to work. A guy followed me and kept calling me very bad names. I was horrified and I started walking fast, even running.
    When he got very close to me, I was scared he would touch me, so I picked a stone from the floor and threw it at him and ran as fast as I could until I got to the main street and took the bus.
    I was shaking and trembling. When I arrived at work, I collapsed and cried for a long time. When my colleagues asked me what is wrong, I lied and said I have family problems.

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    I get harassed whenever I walk down the street; even during the seconds I cross the street to take my car.
    Yesterday, when I was parking the car in front of my house, a guy grabbed my bottom, I shouted at him, and insulted him. At least I did something about it.
    My mother says I shouldn't answer back, but I think this is wrong. This way they will think they can harass anyone and get away with it. I know that shouting at someone who harasses me verbally or physically is not enough but at least it makes me feel better than doing nothing.

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    I get harassed every day, although I am always carrying my baby. I thought being a mother would make me immune to harassment, but it made it even worse.
    Once I was waiting for the bus with my child and a car stopped, the guy waved his hand at me with a 20 pound note. It was unbelievable. Another time I was walking home and this guy unzipped his trousers in a car next to me.
    I screamed, but he shouted back very aggressively, saying 'Who do you think you are? Why would I even look at you?' People in the street gathered around us and to my surprise they were not sympathetic with me. They supported him. They all defended the guy because they do the same thing.
    Once I was walking with a friend and this guy suddenly grabbed her from behind. We shouted for help and he ran away. A car stopped, they asked us what had happened, had we been mugged? When we told them that we'd been sexually harassed, they drove away. Isn't this worse than robbery?

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    I get harassed a lot. I can't count the number of times, especially on public transport.
    There was this guy who kept following me from one bus to another. If I stood up he stood by my side and if I sat down he sat beside me. Finally I shouted at him and insulted him, he left the minibus.
    I stopped wearing skirts, and stopped doing my hair at the hairdresser's, I also stopped wearing make up, even my fiance asks me why aren't you taking care of your looks as you used to do.
    But what can I do, I try to stop it but nothing works. I used to always have a smile on my face while walking down the streets, now I am always frowning, always provoked, always feeling the threat of someone approaching me physically or verbally. At a bus or a microbus, I always feel there is a hand trying to touch me. It happened so many times, that I keep looking at the seat behind me as if I am crazy.

    BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Egypt voices: Sexual harassment

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    What is wrong with men in the middle East? They can't seem to control their nasty thoughts.

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    ^Well, most men can't control their nasty's the nasty actions I'm more concerned about.
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    WHAT THE HELL??? I lived there for three years and wasn't harassed even once during all the times I was out. Well, I was proposed to three times but that was in a sweet way, I never felt intimidated or creeped out. Talk about propoganda. Either that or I feel left out. I'm hot dammit! I want to be harassed! Maybe some of these women got off on claiming this and the attention, because this sure as hell never happened to me and I was out all the time. I can't imagine that there wasn't something they were doing. I would wear my hair loose, wear tight clothing and walk alone in the streets and....nothing. I feel so left out and violated.

    No really, this is bullshit. I was never harassed and none of my friends were ever harassed. What the hell kind of areas do these women live in or walk in?
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