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    Stop Honorcide | 7/24/2008

    Frontpage Interview's guest today is Linda Ahmed, one of the founders of Muslims Against Sharia. She is also co-chair of the new campaign Stop Honorcide, launched on Mother's Day 2008 on behalf of victims of honor killings.

    FP: Linda Ahmed, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

    Ahmed: Thank you very much for having me here.

    FP: Tell us about your new campaign, Stop Honorcide.

    Ahmed: As you probably know, honor killings or honorcides are common in non-Western cultures. Even fairly westernized countries like Turkey have a huge honorcide problem. When non-Westerners move to the Western countries, they bring with them their traditions, honorcide being one of those "traditions".

    Unfortunately Western media is downplaying honorcide problem in the West for fear of offending immigrant populations. You don't hear names like Amina & Sarah Said, Aqsa Perves, Morsal Obeidi, or Hatin Surucu on evening news.

    Honorcide is ignored to such degree that a proponent of honorcide could be prominently featured on an American presidential campaign website

    The idea behind this campaign is to attract attention to this problem and to prosecute honorcides to the fullest extent of the law. We believe the most pragmatic way to achieve this goal is to classify honorcide as a hate crime. Some people argue that honorcide should not be assigned hate-crime status because the hate-crimes laws should be abandoned altogether; the crime is a crime and hate motive shouldn't matter.

    Muslims Against Sharia have no opinion on necessity of the hate-crime laws, but since these laws exist, why not put them to good use? It doesn't cost much to amend existing hate-crime legislations to include honorcide, but the benefits are tremendous. First, these amendments will shed much needed light on the problem. Second, if that's not done, it won't be long before some clever lawyer will figure out the way to present honorcide as a cultural tradition and use it a mitigating factor. Amending the legislations will make sure that the cultural/traditional nonsense is never used in such way.

    FP: Western feminists, you would think, care about women. But as Dr. Phyllis Chesler has written in her powerful book, The Death of Feminism, feminists have abandoned women who suffer under Islamic gender apartheid. And so Western feminists are unsurprisingly deafeningly silent about honorcide. The Left’s position on this issue is simply shameless. What are your thoughts on it? What do you see as the explanation of this gross betrayal?

    Ahmed: I think originally the feminist movement was about advancement of women to achieve equality with men. But over time, it became just another political movement that only cares about the agenda set up by those at the helm. I don't think the feminist movement abandoned Muslim women. I think the feminist movement abandoned women in general. I think the feminist movement is dead. Women who call themselves feminists these days should come up with a new name to describe themselves.
    FP: Can you talk a bit about your ownbackground.

    Ahmed: Raised as a Lutheran, I converted to Islam after marrying my husband Rashid (who is also involved with MASH). Conversion to Islam made me a more spiritual person.

    FP: Why did you convert to Islam? Tell us about your spiritual journey.

    Ahmed: I didn't grow up in a very religious family, so it wasn't a big part of my life. When I met my husband, I realized how much more fulfilling the life could be when a person has solid religious beliefs. I'm not going to elaborate on the beauty of Islam; FrontPage is not a place for proselytizing and every person's religion is his or her private matter. But no matter what belief system one has, the life is brighter and easier if one believes in some benevolent higher power. In my case, Islam was the right set of beliefs.

    FP: As a Muslim, what are your thoughts on Islamic gender apartheid? We encourage our readers to view our new film, The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam.

    Ms. Ahmed, what are your thoughts on this film?

    Ahmed: Gender apartheid is an attribute of primitive cultures. Things like honorcide, forced marriages, polygamy, or FGM are not exclusively Islamic and many so-called Muslim representatives who claim to speak for all Muslims will tell you that they have nothing to do with Islam. But let's face it: in the West, vast majority of the incidents involve Muslims. And in countries like Saudi Arabia, the home to Mecca, gender apartheid is legalized.

    My thoughts about the film? Anger. Sadness. Embarrassment. There is nothing there I haven't seen before, but unfortunately, the majority of the Westerners, including the so-called feminists seem to be completely ignorant about the issues raised by it.

    FP: Well, things like honorcide, forced marriages, polygamy and FGM may not be exclusively Islamic, but they have very much to do with Islam. Islamic theology provides the fertile soil and the sanctioning for these savage aspects of gender apartheid to flourish. But we will have to have a discussion and/or debate on this issue in another time and place.

    So how did you come to be involved in Muslims Against Sharia?

    Ahmed: The reason I got involved in MASH is because I wanted to do something about the radicalization of the Muslim population in Sweden, which leads to disintegration of Swedish society. The mentality of "I am a Muslim who happens to live in Sweden" seems to prevail over "I am a Swede who practices Islam."

    With one of the highest percentages of Muslims in Europe and very liberal immigration policies, Sweden is becoming one of the primary destinations for economic refugees from Islamic countries. While most of the new Muslim immigrants are not Islamists, upon arrival in Sweden, they fall under influence of radical imams who control the majority of Swedish mosques and Islamic cultural centers.

    Thus, radicalization of Swedish Muslims is proceeding at an increasingly alarming rate. I believe that majority of Swedish Muslim want to live in an Islamic state governed by Sharia rather than in a democracy governed by a secular government. But if you want to live under Sharia, go to Saudi Arabia or Iran; do not attempt to change my home country.

    FP: What sense does it make for Western nations like Sweden to allow in immigrants who hate freedom and want to set a totalitarian system? What do you think the West should do about this as a matter of policy?

    Ahmed: Absolutely none whatsoever. Any person from a country where a substantial part of the population is pro-Sharia should not be allowed in the West, not only as an immigrant, but even as a visitor with a few exceptions, i.e., political asylum or as a diplomat etc.

    A person claiming political asylum should be thoroughly screened and evaluated and if accepted, accepted on probationary basis long enough to establish his/her loyalty.

    Every illegal immigrant should be immediately kicked out. Every legal immigrant should be allowed to stay only if he/she did not display desire to establish a Sharia state in a host country. Any naturalized citizen who displays a desire to establish a Sharia state in a host country should have his/her citizenship revoked and promptly deported. I think the latter two groups is where the real danger lies.
    Wahhabi-funded extremist mosques and madrassas that operate in the West easily radicalize new Muslim immigrants from relatively moderate Muslim countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey.

    That's where we need to start. Muslim fundamentalists are a poison for liberal democracy. Taking them in and/or allowing them to remain is tantamount to feeding a healthy person arsenic-laced food. Who in their right mind would do such a thing? And yet, we do this every day. Some countries, particularly Great Britain, display an astounding degree of Dhimmitude. Brits recently released Abu Qatada, paying him $100K a year in benefits. This is the same Abu Qatada who claims to be al-Qaeda's ambassador in Europe. These are the same Brits who suffered July 7 attacks.

    The only question that I have is: How stupid are we? No matter how much radical Muslims want to take over the world, they shouldn’t be doing it with our help. But that is what is happening. Unfortunately, we seem to be more than happy to oblige.

    FP: Linda Ahmed, thank you for joining us today.

    Ahmed: Thank you very much for having me here. If someone needs more information about Stop Honorcide campaign, please visit us at If you are willing to write a letter to your representative, remember, every letter helps. If you have a daughter, remember, your little girl could be the next honorcide victim, even if she is not a Muslim.

    FP: Linda Ahmed, thank you for joining Frontpage Interview.

    Ahmed: Thank you.


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