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Thread: Which British Monarch deserves the failure crown?

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    Default Which British Monarch deserves the failure crown?

    While Americans only have 43 leaders to rate historically, the Brits have many more centuries of eccentric monarchs to discuss and criticize.
    British historians want to figure out which monarch was the biggest failure. King George III didn't make the list, since I guess the Brits can't decide whether to thank or blame him for losing the American colonies.

    Here are the credentials of the top three royal losers. Who should take the crown as Britain's worst monarch?
    • Mary Queen of Scots (1542-1567) aka "Mary Queen of Murder Plots " Her involvement in the murder of her husband forced her into exile in England. Once there, she was imprisoned for 19 years, and eventually executed for plotting to kill the Queen of England.
    • Edward II (1307- 1327) aka "King Pay Back's a Bi*ch" After losing a war with Scotland he imprisoned his estranged wife. But, his wife got the last laugh, as her army later imprisoned him and forced him to abdicate the throne for incompetence.
    • George IV (1820-1830) aka "The Playboy Prince" Known for his excessive lifestyle and womanizing, he married his cousin to clear his debts. He went on to ban his estranged cousin/wife from his coronation.

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    I'm liking ol'Edward for this.
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    I just read a book about Mary Queen of Scots. There is much compelling evidence that she was not involved in Darnley's murder (her husband) and much of the evidence presented (The Casket Letters) at her English trial was both forgery or letters piece mealed into other letters.

    The book went on to explain how William Cecil (a minister of Elizabeth I's) pretty much despised Mary for 2 reasons: she was Catholic and while a child being raised in France (first husband was her cousin, the Dauphin) her people carried her banner with the words "Queen of England" along with "Queen of Scots" and "Queen of France".

    Her claim to the throne was more legit than both Mary and Elizabeth's, since they were both disinherited by Henry VII in favor of the line that Mary of Scots came from.

    Cecil's own papers show the behind the scenes machination he took against Mary and any type of reconciliation between her and Elizabeth, which for years was always in the cards. He finally was able to ensare Mary in an assination plot, forcing Elizabeth's hand in the matter. She sat on the fence for years on how to deal with Mary.

    I'm totally fascinated with the Tudors and their extended families.

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