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Thread: India woman bouncer a big hit

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    Default India woman bouncer a big hit

    The city of Chandigarh, located in India's Punjab region, has its first female nightclub bouncer, and patrons love her. Twenty-two-year-old Amandeep Kaur, a newscaster by day and bouncer by night, is a rarity in Punjab a male-dominated society with a disproportionate number of men compared to women. Amandeep didn't take no for an answer, when staff told her only men need apply. Now, to the surprise of her friends and family, she frisks beautiful woman patrons of the local hotspot Score, making everyone feel much safer.

    An overall gender disparity crisis faces India today. Aborting female fetuses has become a widespread phenomenon. Recently, India's prime minister called the practice a "national shame." It is illegal in India for doctors to disclose the sex of an unborn baby to the parents; but the law goes generally unenforced.
    Will women like Amandeep, determined to break gender stereotypes, help end India's serious, and sometimes fatal, discrimination? Or will traditions, like requiring a daughter's parents to give the son-in-law a large dowry (making a daughter a financial liability), need to change before women receive equal treatment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    Amandeep didn't take no for an answer, when staff told her only men need apply.
    Right here is where plenty of things happen - just refusing to accept "no" or "can't." It never fails to amaze me.
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