Canadian detained in Vancouver over Thai sex abuse - Yahoo! News
Orville Frank Mader, a Canadian accused of sexually abusing young boys in Thailand, was detained in Vancouver as he returned to Canada from Southeast Asia, police said on Friday.
"Vancouver airport officials have detained him and we will ask the Foreign Ministry to start an extradition process which should take a few weeks," Police Colonel Apichart Suribunya told Reuters.
"Our concern is Canadian police may only be able to hold him for a short period because he apparently has not done anything wrong in Canada," Apichart said.
Thailand issued an arrest warrant for Mader, 54, after a 7-year-old boy said the Canadian asked him to perform oral sex on Mader at a hotel in the beach town of Pattaya last week.
A Canadian police unit that investigates child exploitation arrested Mader after he arrived at the airport on Thursday, and police said he was expected to appear in court on Friday. Court officials said that may be delayed until Saturday.
Thai police say Mader had sexually abused three boys in Pattaya, about 150 km (90 miles) from Bangkok.
The boys were aged between 7 and 9 and Mader could face up to 20 years in jail if convicted in Thailand, a Pattaya police officer said.
"A 7-year-old boy identified him from among a number of tourist pictures. He is wanted on charges of sexual molestation against minors aged under 13," Police Major Sompol Nakhapan said Thursday.
Mader is also wanted in neighboring Cambodia, where he was found guilty in 2004 of molesting two boys under the age of 13. He was sentenced in absentia to 15 years in jail.
Canadian police have not said if Mader was arrested at the request of Thai authorities or under a Canadian law which makes it illegal for Canadians to travel to other countries for the purpose of having sex with children.
Mader, a native of Kitchener, Ontario, owns a house in the Vancouver area, but is believed to have worked in Southeast Asia as a teacher for several years, according to Canadian media reports.
Canada has an extradition treaty with Thailand, but requests to return accused criminals can take months or sometimes years to progress through the Canadian court system.
Another Canadian, Christopher Neil, is in Thai custody awaiting trial on charges of molesting underaged boys.
Neil, who denies the charges, became the target of a global manhunt after German police determined his identity from a manipulated photograph on the Internet.
That arrest prompted a wider Thai search for Western alleged pedophiles and police arrested a Briton this week on suspicion of distributing pornographic pictures of naked children on the Internet.