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Thread: Bush + USA gets it in the ass

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    Default Bush + USA gets it in the ass

    Bush to undergo colonoscopy
    Cheney to wield presidential power

    Vice President Dick Cheney will wield presidential powers while President Bush receives a colonoscopy tomorrow.
    Double Ouch.
    While the president is under anesthesia, the most powerful vice president will be the leader of the free world.
    What will acting President Cheney be thinking about?
    Perhaps he’ll get reflective.
    Perhaps the situation will cause him to focus on own his health and faltering heart, or perhaps the faltering plans for the Middle East. Or perhaps Vice President Cheney will focus on what could have been this election season, with him on the ticket as presumptive Republican nominee for President.
    Will he sit behind the President’s desk?
    Perhaps he’ll think about the new Democratic majority in Congress or the latest Republican scandal.
    Perhaps he’ll think about how others view him, wondering why people call him Darth Vader.
    Or perhaps he won’t think about any of these things. Perhaps it will be just another day for him, attending meetings, calling people on the phone, and eating lunch.
    I have a suggestion for the Vice President.
    Perhaps tomorrow, the day upon which he briefly ascends to the most powerful position in the world, Mr. Cheney will think about what the president can’t get off his mind that day, and what so many people think about when pondering the current executive branch:
    Bush + USA Gets It In The Ass « Garling Gauge

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