OTTAWA – A major power struggle is brewing between the Conservative government and the opposition over a Kyoto bill.

The Tories suggest they might ignore the opposition bill – even if it's adopted in a vote next week. The Liberals say such a move would amount to a virtual "coup d'état" by the minority government.

The Conservatives dismiss the significance of the Liberal legislation, which would require the government to respect Canada's commitments under the Kyoto climate-change accord.

The Tories say the bill, which easily survived a second-reading vote last fall, is by no means a confidence matter because it doesn't carry any monetary provisions.

"We're talking about a bill here that's very much an empty vessel," said Tory House Leader Peter Van Loan.

"It doesn't have any meaningful provisions in it. . . . It's a meaningless motion."

Bill C-288, which has the support of all three opposition parties, would require the government to table a climate-change plan within 60 days explaining how it would meet Kyoto's greenhouse gas targets.

The legislation also forces the government to publish an annual climate-change progress report, submit its plan for perusal by the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, and set out jail sentences or fines for anyone breaking the law.

The bill's sponsor says the government has only two options if the bill is adopted in a final Commons vote next week, then passed by the Senate.

"It either has to respect Kyoto – or call an election," said Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez, whose Bill C-288 easily survived a Commons vote last fall.

He dismissed suggestions that the government might simply ignore the bill. Senior government officials sent out talking points to journalists Friday calling the bill "useless" and "powerless."

"They can't (ignore it)," Rodriguez said.

"It's almost launching a coup d'état – to say: `I don't care what the Commons says; I don't care what the Senate says; I don't care what all of Parliament says; I'll do what I want. I'm the new king of Canada.'

"You can't do that." - News - Battle brewing over Kyoto bill
Oh please try this.. PLEASE. The faster theyre out of office the better.