Pair accused of soliciting urine for drug test in elementary school restroom

Oct. 10: Kentucky police say a sub-contracted teacher and her husband conspired to steal urine from students — some as young as 4 year old. WSAZ-TV’s Randy Yohe reports.
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Updated: 6:18 p.m. ET Oct 10, 2006
ARGILLITE, Ky. - An eastern Kentucky (no surprise there )couple is charged with going to an elementary school and trying to get a urine specimen from a nephew to use in a drug test.

Authorities said Nick Kintigos, 37, and his wife, Teresa, 38, went to a school to solicit a clean urine sample so Nick Kintigos could take a drug test.

Scott Brown, communications supervisor with Greenup County 911, said Nick Kintigos needed a clean urine sample to use for a drug test where he works. Brown said he was unsure where Kintigos was employed.

Nick Kintigos allegedly took the boy into a restroom at the school, but the boy was unable to produce any urine, Brown said. Two other boys walked into the restroom while Kintigos was there, and he asked them for urine, Brown said.

The boys left the restroom and told a teacher what happened, he said.

Someone called 911 at about 12:30 p.m. to report an adult in the boys' restroom without permission, Brown said. The couple was arrested at their home Friday morning.

Both are charged with two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of criminal trespass, Brown said. Nick Kintigos also was charged with criminal attempt to commit identity theft; his wife with facilitation to that crime

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