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Thread: Australian Minister visits New York City & got more than a special massage

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    Default Australian Minister visits New York City & got more than a special massage

    Australian minister who called for massage service from Midtown hotel claims he's victim of attempted robbery

    “I requested a normal massage as people on holiday will often do. I referred these matters straight to the police and they’re now under investigation.”

    Ward told the Daily Telegraph, “I mean, who doesn’t ask for a massage when they are on holiday? I know how it looks but I can assure you this is nothing short of attempted robbery.”

    After he called the service, two young men came to his door, sources said. Uneasy about how things were unfolding, he told them to leave, police said.

    At that point, one of the men pulled out his cell phone and started videotaping.

    "My friend is 16," the visitor said, according to sources. "If you don't pay us $1,000, we're going to tell everyone we're minors."

    Ward told them he would go to an ATM and get cash. They followed.

    Instead, Ward, who is legally blind and has a form of albinism, went to the front desk and told a clerk what was happening.
    The clerk called 911. The would-be blackmailers took off down W. 44th St. Cops are still looking for the duo, sources said Monday.

    “I asked for a massage and what was clear was that there was more on offer and when I made it clear that was not what I wanted I asked them to leave,” Ward told the Daily Telegraph.

    “They got aggressive and started filming and demanding money. So I went down to the lobby because that was the only way I could get out of my room. I was terrified, absolutely terrified.”
    The Telegraph, quoting officials, said his trip cost taxpayers between $2,000 and $6,000.
    Ward, however, refused to identify the service he called, the Telegraph reported Friday in an article headlined “Gareth Ward Massage Saga.”

    Two New South Wales ministers told the paper anonymously that Ward should step down.
    “Should he resign? Probably. Will he? Absolutely not,” the unnamed minister told the newspaper.

    Another said, “I think what he said raises more questions than it answers.”
    New South Wales Speaker Shelley Hancock came to his defense.

    “I don’t see this as awkward,” she told the Illwarra Mercury newspaper. “The media is making it awkward. There is no reason to believe he ordered anything but an ordinary massage and what happened is pretty gruesome.”

    Hancock went on to throw a dig at New York.

    “You always have to be careful living and surviving in other countries,” she told the paper.

    “We’re talking about New York City, where people are always trying to get your money.”
    Ward’s office did not respond to requests for comment from the Daily News. The New South Wales parliament also did not respond.

    Australian pol says he's the victim in massage scandal - NY Daily News

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    There's obviously a reason he won't give the name of the massage parlor he called.

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