CNJ v METRO free paper stand war ( photographic evidence of atrocity ) 23.04.17

i have to be careful
not wanting to self convict
the blow was not exactly lawful
from behind they did inflict.
this is not a appeal
the perpetrator won't become a roy cropper
can a name i reel
i will call crimestopper.
someone must have scene
it may not be good to grass
knocking out local news is not evergreen
so on loyalty please pass.
is it the start of a campaign
i don't want this on "letters"
for once not feeling the strain
looks like others have vendettas.
leave the paper stands
they build the community like lego
graham loose was right about the bad lands
war in kentish has started CNJ v METRO.
( this is photographic evidence of the carnage of war. not for the faint hearted .)