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Thread: Greece says 'no'.

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    Default Greece says 'no'.

    Well, it's a no in the Greek referendum to the EU/IMF conditions for new loans.

    I'm thinking there's only so much the EU and IMF should do to help Greece, when they won't help themselves - with an effective tax system, lower pensions and higher pension age - just like every other European nation. On the other hand a Greek bankrupcy would be bad for European (German) economy and very bad for the Greek people.

    It's just hard to feel sorry for the Greeks, when half the country doesn't pay taxes, and many Greeks can retire at 55. Their financial problems stem from long before the global financial crisis, and they have had plenty of time to correct the problems, but failed to do so, because it means lower living costs for the average person. Well, guess what a national bankrupcy and leaving the EU will do to them.

    I guess it won't affect me personally, since Denmark isn't in the European monetary union, and Danish economy will only be marginally affected, but I feel bad for Greek pensionists, disabled persons, public servants and others who depend on the government having money to pay out.

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    I don't feel too sorry for the public servants who awarded themselves the best benefits of all. They get 14 months salary per year when they work and 14 months pension when they retire at 55. I don't understand why Greece seems intent on committing financial suicide. Just because they vote to stay in the EU they think the EU will bail them out with relieved gratitude? This crisis has been brewing for YEARS and I'm puzzled why people seem so shocked and surprised. Successive Greek Govts have done nothing to show they get it and have to make some tough but necessary changes. The people seem perfectly happy with the status quo too as the No vote proves.
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