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Thread: Internet repression on the rise

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    Default Internet repression on the rise

    WebPosted Thu, 20 Jul 2006 17:46:10

    ---Amnesty International has begun a global campaign against internet
    repression, which it says is a growing problem that is hampering the
    potential of the internet to curb human rights abuses.

    "[T]he internet's potential for change is being undermined €” by
    governments unwilling to tolerate this free media outlet, and by
    companies willing to help them repress free speech," it said in a report
    published Thursday from its London headquarters.

    The human rights watchdog is particularly concerned about the role of U.S.-
    based search engines such as Yahoo, Microsoft and Google in China.

    The multinational firms have co-operated with China in censoring the web,
    preventing millions of Chinese from having access to information about
    human rights abuses.

    The companies "have violated their stated corporate values and policies"
    in their pursuit of China's booming internet market, the report said.

    Among the violations:

    Yahoo has passed evidence about its users to Chinese authorities,
    including information that led to the prosecution of two Chinese

    Google has censored its international search engine in China.

    Microsoft has blocked a blog at government request.

    Amnesty called on all three companies to oppose Chinese government
    requests to block information and track users who post controversial

    It urged the companies to call for the release of cyber-dissidents and
    journalists jailed for freely expressing their views.

    Google, Yahoo and Microsoft should make public what filters they use to
    block access to materials in China, the report said.

    China has about 123 million people online, but the government has an
    extensive surveillance and filtering system to prevent them from
    accessing material considered obscene or politically subversive.

    "The internet can be a great tool for the promotion of human rights €”
    activists can tell the world about abuses in their country at the click
    of a mouse," Amnesty said in its report.

    However, repression is a problem from Iran to the Maldives and Cuba to
    Vietnam, it said.

    Websites are blocked, news is filtered, chat rooms are policed and people
    who try to use the web to communicate are persecuted, it said.

    Amnesty is beginning a web petition to promote internet freedom, which it
    plans to present to the United Nations.

    Copyright (C) 2006 CBC. All rights reserved.

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    Default Re: Internet repression on the rise

    a "web petition"? sounds like they want to round up people's information to a) boost membership and b) provide/sell this information to third parties around the world.
    I think search engines have a duty to not disclose information to any government known to have ties to terrorists or human rights violations. something is not right with this picure- how could yahoo turn over information to a chinese government about anything and not be prosecuted by the US? am i missing something?

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    Default Re: Internet repression on the rise

    No, both Google and Yahoo did just what you describe. Gives one pause, doesn't it?

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