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Thread: Vladimir Putin Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize...Seriously

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    Default Vladimir Putin Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize...Seriously

    what the hell are they thinking SMH

    Vladimir Putin Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize…Seriously / Queerty

    Vladimir Putin Nominated For Nobel Peace PrizeSeriously

    Well. Well. Fucking well. Someone somewhere in some state of mind thinks Vladimir Putin is making the world a happier, safer place, having nominated Russias anti-gay, anti-Chechnya, anti-Georgia, anti-shirt president for a Nobel Peace Prize. Wait, what day is it? Did April Fools sneak up on us again?

    Being the leader of one of the leading nations of the world, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin makes efforts to maintain peace and tranquillity not only on the territory of his own country but also actively promotes settlement of all conflicts arising on the planet, wrote officially-sanctioned Nobel Prize nominators, the International Academy of Spiritual Unity and Cooperation of Peoples of the World (invoking Putins middle name no less).

    The Russian (shock!) advocacy group said at a press conference Tuesday that Putin is far more deserving of the prize than Barack Obama, who won the prize in 2009, because he opposes military intervention in Syria they of course neglected to mention that Putins been supplying weapons to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, whos systematically killing his own people but you know, details.

    Barack Obama has the title of Nobel Prize winner the man who initiated and approved such aggressive actions on the part of the United States of America as in Iraq, Afghanistan, some others, and now is preparing for invasion of Syria, said Iosif Kobzon, a popular Russian singer and a member of Parliament at the press conference. I think our president, who is trying to stop the bloodshed, who is trying to help to resolve this conflict situation through a political dialogue, through diplomatic language, deserves this title more.

    In all fairness, Obama inherited Iraq and Afghanistan, but there are certainly other people more deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize especially since O won that a bit, shall we say, prematurely. Meanwhile, Putins been hard at work making peoples lives miserable for over a decade.

    Aside from his international indiscretions of which there are many Vladimirovich hasnt been promoting much peace within his own borders, at least not when it comes to the LGBT citizens of Russia. He signed a law this summer banning propaganda of so-called non-traditional sexual relations among children and another banning foreign adoption of Russian orphans from countries where same-sex marriage is legal. As a result, this institutionalized homophobia has been linked to notorious acts of kidnapping, torture and even murder.

    In Putins peaceful mind, however, thats not the stuff of discrimination. He even sometimes awards them with state prizes or decorations for their achievements in various fields. Well in that case, forget the Nobel Peace Prize and bump this man up to sainthood. Theyre apparently giving those out to anyone these days.
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    The fuck? After he started a war with homosexuals and is selling weapons to the middle east? Fuck that shit.
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    Selling weapons to the middle east? Somebody stop him. He'll cut into the US profits.
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    Wait-maybe they meant Piece Of Shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    Selling weapons to the middle east? Somebody stop him. He'll cut into the US profits.
    right? i mean, didn't Obama get him one of them there nobel prizes???
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