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Thread: Iran's AIDS-prevention program among world's most progressive

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    Thumbs up Iran's AIDS-prevention program among world's most progressive

    Iran's fight against the spread of HIV hinges on a delicate give-and-take between activists who talk frankly about sex and drugs and the ruling ayatollahs, who fiercely protect the Islamic Republic's puritan image. The combination has made Iran the Middle East leader in preventing HIV and AIDS. The country's program, which melds deep-rooted religious values with cutting-edge research, is being exported to Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Pakistan and other Muslim nations.
    "I told my colleagues in the United Arab Emirates, `You're not more rigid than us. We're the only country in the world where it's the law to wear a head scarf, where it's a pure Islamic government, where you can't drink,'" said Dr. Arash Alaei, one of Iran's most respected AIDS researchers. "`If we have a prevention program, why don't you?'"
    In a region where other Muslim governments ignore the epidemic, quarantine HIV-infected people or preach abstinence as the only solution, Iran's approach is especially remarkable.
    It still doles out floggings to Iranians caught with alcohol, but it gives clean syringes and methadone treatment to heroin addicts. Health workers pass out condoms to prostitutes. Government clinics in every region offer free HIV testing, counseling and treatment. A state-backed magazine just began a monthly column that profiles HIV-positive Iranians, and last year the postal service unveiled a stamp emblazoned with a red ribbon for AIDS awareness. This year the government will devote an estimated $30 million to the program.
    One of Iran's most acclaimed advances comes from its notoriously secretive network of prisons, where hundreds of drug-addicted inmates sometimes share the same makeshift syringe to inject heroin smuggled in by guards or visiting relatives. In a startling acknowledgment of sex and drugs even in its most closely guarded quarters, the Tehran administration has made condoms and needles available in detention centers across the country.
    "Iran now has one of the best prison programs for HIV in not just the region, but in the world," said Dr. Hamid Setayesh, the coordinator for the U.N. AIDS office in Tehran. "They're passing out condoms and syringes in prisons. This is unbelievable. In the whole world, there aren't more than six or seven countries doing that."

    How about Iran's good side for a change, i bet this won't be in aired in mainstream media.

    For the whole article http://

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    Default Re: Iran's AIDS-prevention program among world's most progressive

    When women are treated as equal citizens and human rights abuses cease, I will think about singing Iran's praises. The AIDS' plan is a good one, but it's a drop in the bucket.

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    Default Re: Iran's AIDS-prevention program among world's most progressive

    You will never sing praises because it will always has flaws like every other country in this world. But regarding women rights? hmm women can vote, marry, divorce, drive, the right to education, inheritance, and can hold positions like ministers, professors, athletes. So i don't think they have issues with women rights. I know they have issues with human rights but i cannot think of any country with clean record with human rights.

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