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Thread: Migrant Boost Fills Australian Skills Shortage

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    Default Migrant Boost Fills Australian Skills Shortage

    Migrant Boost Fills Australian Skills Shortage
    By John Bell

    The ranks of Australia's skilled workers have been boosted by almost 78,000 in the past year in an effort to solve the country's skills shortage.
    It's the largest intake of skilled migrants since the late 1980s. Australian Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone said the government had responded to the shortage by bringing record numbers of skilled migrants to the country. The Australian Government has made over 97,500 Skilled Visas available for 2005-06.

    In recent months over 150,000 jobs have been advertised weekly, and unemployment is at the lowest level in the last 10 years. Australian Government statistics confirm 89% of Skilled Independent Visa holders gain employment within the first six months.

    A total of 18,700 migrants took advantage of the state-specific and regional migration program, with 7,100 settling in Victoria and almost 5,000 calling South Australia home - an increase of almost 140 per cent in SA on 2003-04 figures.

    When it came to specific skills, the biggest increase came in the form of doctors, with 260 migrating to Australia in 2004-05 this is a 300% increase on previous year.

    A Senior Migration Agent from National Visas said that accountants, nurses and trades-people, including mechanics, electricians and builders, are among the most sought-after skills wanted by Australian employment groups.

    To find out more information about migration to Australia visit

    John Bell - Senior Migration Agent of National Visas ( )

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    Default Re: Migrant Boost Fills Australian Skills Shortage

    Shhhhhhhhh or we'll be getting all kinds of riff raff.

    It's true, there is a real skills shortage here. Rural areas are very under provided with doctors but that's partly because it's a tough life out there. I heard the story of a Bangladeshi (?) doctor going to work in a remote mining community and he couldn't stand the isolation. When your 'parish' covers several thousand square miles and the nearest hospital is maybe a full day's drive away you have to be made of the right stuff to live in that kind of environment. I know couldn't do it.
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    Default Re: Migrant Boost Fills Australian Skills Shortage

    We have a brain drain (skilled workers emigrating elsewhere) in Canada, too. A lot of doctors and nurses leave for the US cuz they get paid better there. Just like in Oz, there's a shortage of physicians in rural and Northern areas. The gvt usually encourages and pays for relocation etc for immigrant doctors but at the same time it is difficult for foreign trained and educated physicians to get a license here because their credentials are not recognized in Canada (unless you are from other Western countries).
    I have a few friends whose parents practiced medicine in their home countries but are now cooks and factory workers etc.

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