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Thread: Environmentalist husband, wife shot dead in Brazil

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    Thumbs down Environmentalist husband, wife shot dead in Brazil

    Environmentalist husband, wife shot dead in Brazil - Yahoo! News

    RIO DE JANEIRO (AFP) A husband and wife team of environmentalists have been killed by gunmen in Brazil's northern Amazon state of Para, one of the most restive regions in the country due to land disputes, officials said Wednesday.
    Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff ordered an immediate federal investigation to find those responsible for the double murder, in a wild region where owners of large estates are alleged to have gone unpunished after killing local farmers.
    Jose Claudio Ribeiro da Silva, 52 and his Maria do Espirito Santo da Silva, 51, were stopped in their vehicle by unknown gunmen, taken out and shot, prosecutors said, adding that the circumstances appeared to be the work of hired hitmen.
    The pair had been working for Amazon-focused non-governmental group CNS, set up by legendary environmental activist Chico Mendes who himself was killed by landowners in the Amazon in 1988.
    According to the organization, the pair had been receiving death threats since 2008 over their work to preserve the rainforest in the state, and prevent illegal deforestation for charcoal production and to clear land for cattle pastures.
    "They fought for the preservation of the forest and against illegal loggers," said Ataginaldo Matos of CNS in Para's state capital Belem, adding that Jose Claudio had had his ear cut off after being killed as a sort of calling card of the gunmen.
    Brazilian lawmakers meanwhile late Tuesday controversially approved a revised Forestry Code that relaxed protections for the Amazon.
    Brazil, the world's fifth largest country by area, has 5.3 million square kilometers of jungle and forests -- mostly in the Amazon river basin -- of which only 1.7 million are under state protection. The rest is in private hands, or its ownership is undefined.

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    This is a terrible thing to have happened but what I want to know is, the one on the left is a chick, right?

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    I thought so too at first glance but nope. The picture's caption at the link reads:
    Jose Claudio Ribeiro da Silva

    Handout picture taken in 2011 in the state of Para, northern Brazil of Amazon rainforest activists Jose Claudio Ribeiro da Silva, 52 (L) and his wife Maria do Espirito Santo da Silva, 51. The couple were ambushed and shot dead in southwestern Para, on May 23.

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    Espirito Santo is an awesome last name.
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    27% rise in Amazon deforestation in a year

    Huge amounts of money being made and those type of bastards don't want anyone getting in the way of it.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    It's terrible the things greedy assholes will do for lucrative amounts of $$$$.

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    the husband totally has man-boobs and looks like a lesbian.
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    That is apparently not a place to be an environmentalist. The landowners over there will kill your ass...
    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
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    Ballsy people. At the first death threat I'd have been out of there.
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    Maybe the husband was FTM? Who cares, it's such a terrible way to go

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