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Thread: Iran stoning woman 'admits murder conspiracy'

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    Default Iran stoning woman 'admits murder conspiracy'

    TEHRAN — An Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning has confessed to being an accomplice to the murder of her husband, according to an interview aired on state television.

    The interview was with a woman in a face-covering chador whom the report said was Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani, a 43-year-old mother of two whose death sentence has drawn outcry from many countries.

    It was aired on Wednesday night during a political broadcast that denounced the "propaganda of Western media" about the case it said was being used to pressure Iran over its controversial nuclear programme.

    In it, the woman said to be Mohammadi-Ashtiani, admitted that a man with whom she was acquainted had offered to kill her husband and that she let him carry out the crime.

    Her remarks were made in Azeri and translated into Persian.
    The chief justice of East Azerbaijan province, where the alleged crime took place in 2006, told the TV show that Mohammadi-Ashtiani injected her husband with a substance that made him unconscious before the killer electrocuted him.

    Iranian officials have maintained that the sentence was for murder, although initial reports said she was acquitted of that and only convicted for "having an illicit relationship outside marriage."

    Her stoning sentence has been temporarily suspended by Iranian judiciary chief Sadeq Larijani.

    Brazil's Foreign Minister Celso Amorim on Wednesday urged Iran to make a "humanitarian gesture" towards the woman, stressing it would be good for the image of the Islamic republic.

    Mohammadi-Ashtiani's lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaie, fled to Norway after Iranian officials issued an arrest warrant for him and detained his wife.

    The human rights lawyer, who says he has rescued 18 of 40 clients from the death penalty in Iran in recent years, said he was considering seeking asylum in the Scandinavian country.

    AFP: Iran stoning woman 'admits murder conspiracy'

    I'm sure she would have confessed to anything after having 20,000 volts applied to her genitals.

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    you already know.


    yeah no kidding. torture confessions are invalid! and inhumane. man fuck this country!! what sad is what an amazing history and culture Persians have, but this country's regime is deplorable

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    Okay so do they have forensic results that PROVE her husband had been drugged?

    Confession my ass. Iran is just looking for a way to deflect the worldwide outrage this case has caused.
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    TEHRAN, Iran – An Iranian woman who had faced death by stoning for adultery has now received a new sentence of 99 lashes after a British newspaper ran a picture of an unveiled woman mistakenly identified as her, the woman's son said Monday.

    There was no official confirmation of the new sentence. The son, Sajjad Qaderzadeh, 22, said he did not know whether the new lashing sentence had been carried out yet, but heard about it from a prisoner who had recently left the detention facility where his mother is being held.

    The lawyer who once represented Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani in Iran said from Paris that the situation was not clear.

    "Publishing the photo provided a judge an excuse to sentence my poor mother to 99 lashes on the charge of taking a picture unveiled," Qaderzadeh told The Associated Press.

    The Times of London said in its Monday edition it had apologized for the photo, but added that the new sentence "is simply a pretext."

    "The regime's purpose is to make Ms. Ashtiani suffer for an international campaign to save her that has exposed so much iniquity," said the piece.

    Ashtiani was convicted in 2006 of having an "illicit relationship" with two men after the death of her husband a year earlier and was sentenced by a court back then to 99 lashes. Later that year, she was also convicted of adultery and sentenced to be stoned to death, even though she retracted a confession that she claims was made under duress.

    Iran suspended that sentence in July, but now says she has been convicted of involvement in her husband's killing and she could still be executed by hanging.

    Her former lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaei, said in a news conference in Paris that he said it was not at all certain if there really had been a new conviction and sentence over the photograph.

    "I have contacted my former colleagues at the court who told me nothing was clear on this situation," he said following a news conference with French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner. "There isn't any punishment for this act in our law."

    Kouchner called the sentence to death by stoning "the height of barbarism" and said her case has become a "personal cause," and he was "ready to do anything to save her. If I must go to Tehran to save her, I'll go to Tehran."

    Ashtiani's two children remain in Iran and her son is a ticket seller for a bus company in the northern Iranian city of Tabriz. He said he and his younger sister Farideh, 18, have not seen their mother since early August.

    "We have really missed her," he said. "We expect all influential bodies to help to save her."

    The stoning sentence for Ashtiani has prompted international outcry over the past months with both Brazil and Italy asking Iran to show flexibility in the case.

    The Vatican on Sunday raised the possibility of using behind-the-scenes diplomacy to try to save her life as well.

    Son: Iran woman who faced stoning to be lashed - Yahoo! News

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    Yeah, I think this woman is doomed. Far too many people have gotten involved and expressed outrage (which normally seems to be a good thing) but the Iranian government IMO will never back down now. To do so would be this public admission of doing lots of wrong things and I really hope I'm wrong, but it ain't gonna happen.

    I mean geez, the woman gets in trouble because a magazine ran a picture of someone else without wearing all the drapery, says it's her, and SHE gets in trouble for it. They'll back off the stoning but they'll just kill her another way. She's probably been tortured all kinds of ways and her family threatened, and she'll confess to killing Jimmy Hoffa at this point.
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    How do we even know it's her confessing if we can't see her face? It could be anybody under there.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Quote Originally Posted by twitchy2.0 View Post
    How do we even know it's her confessing if we can't see her face? It could be anybody under there.
    Exactly. She could have been dead for months already.
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    Iran woman's stoning suspended after global outcry

    Iran woman's stoning suspended after global outcry - Yahoo! News

    TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iranian authorities have suspended the execution by stoning of a woman convicted of adultery, the Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday, after weeks of condemnation from around the world.

    "The verdict regarding the extramarital affairs has stopped and it's being reviewed," Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told Iran's state-run English-language Press TV.

    The statement came a day after European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso called the stoning sentence against Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani "barbaric beyond words," the latest in a string of criticisms by foreign powers.

    She was convicted of adultery -- a capital crime in the Islamic Republic -- in 2006. She also has been charged with involvement in her husband's murder.

    In a live telephone interview, Mehmanparast said the murder charge was "being investigated for the final verdict to be issued."

    Adultery is the only crime which carries the penalty of death by stoning under the sharia law which Iran adopted after the 1979 Islamic revolution, a lawyer told Reuters.

    The death penalty for murder in Iran is by hanging. The lawyer said Ashtiani might receive 15 years' jail if convicted of being an accomplice to murder.

    At no point in the interview, which was in the Farsi language but was dubbed over by a simultaneous translation into English, did Mehmanparast mention "stoning," referring merely to Ashtiani's "death sentence."

    "We think that this is a very normal case," he said. "This dossier looks likes many other dossiers that exist in other countries."


    Human rights campaigners, intellectuals and politicians in Europe, including French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni, have taken up Ashtiani's cause.

    In Washington, U.S. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley told a briefing on Wednesday: "Stoning is a barbaric and abhorrent act. We have joined with many, many voices around the world in condemning this prospective action by Iran. But ultimately this is in the hand of Iranian authorities."

    Karim Lahidji, Paris-based president of the Iranian League for the Defense of Human Rights, told France 24 television: "We are very happy with the result of this campaign ... even though, to this day, no decision has been made in a court.

    "As long as she is not freed, we really don't know if this case is definitely closed."

    Mehmanparast blamed the United States for stirring the furor to hurt Iran's international image as it faces sanctions aimed at curbing its nuclear program.

    "It looks like they are playing a political game," he said.

    "This lady's case that is being followed ... is in direct connection and relation with the soft war that is being waged against Iran and the aim is to create a rift in relations between Iran, Brazil and Turkey."

    Both Brazil and Turkey have worked diplomatically to try to solve the impasse over the nuclear program which Iran says is entirely peaceful but which the United States and European countries suspect is aimed at making a bomb.

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said Iran may return to talks with global powers after the holy month of Ramadan which ends this week. Human rights campaigners had said they feared Ashtiani's execution could be carried out after Ramadan.

    Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva offered asylum to Ashtiani, prompting an embarrassing public rejection of his offer by Iran which said he was a "humane and sensitive character" but was not in possession of all the facts.

    According to Amnesty International, Iran is second only to China in the number of people it executes. It put to death at least 346 people in 2008.

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    Iranian woman who faced death by stoning 'will be hanged today'

    Facing death: There are claims Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani will be hanged

    An Iranian woman who faced being stoned to death will hang today, a human rights group has claimed.
    The International Committee Against Stoning said that the authorities had given the go-ahead for the execution of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.
    Her fate has provoked international outcry after she was sentenced to death by stoning for committing adultery.
    Under huge pressure, Tehran eventually ruled that the 43-year-old mother-of-two would be hanged instead.
    Ashtiani has been on death row ever since.

    'The authorities in Tehran have given the go-ahead to Tabriz prison for the execution of Iran stoning case Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani,' the human rights group said on its website.

    'It has been reported that she is to be executed this Wednesday, 3 November.'
    Officials in Iran were not available to confirm or deny the report.
    Ashtiani's stoning sentence was suspended after prominent political and religious figures called it 'medieval', 'barbaric' and 'brutal'.

    Brazil, a close ally of Iran's, offered to give Ashtiani asylum.

    A government spokesman said in September Ashtiani's adultery conviction was under review but a second charge of being complicit in the murder of her husband was still pending.
    Under the Islamic law in force in Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, murder is punishable by hanging, adultery by stoning.

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad fended off questions about the case from reporters when he attended the UN General Assembly in September, saying it had been fabricated by hostile Western media and called the United States hypocritical for its record on executions.
    The case has worsened relations between Iran and the West, which are locked in a dispute over Tehran's nuclear programme, and was further complicated last month when two Germans were arrested in Iran while conducting an interview with Ashtiani's son.

    Worldwide outcry: Demonstrators hold placards during a protest against Ashtiani's sentence in Trafalgar Square, London

    The men entered Iran with tourist visas and were not authorised to act as journalists, judicial officials said. The German government is trying to secure their release.
    In August, Iranian television aired an interview with a woman it said was Ashtiani admitting a relationship with a man who then murdered her husband. The International Committee Against Stoning, called the TV show "toxic propaganda".
    The United States has imposed sanctions on eight senior Iranian officials, including the commander of the Revolutionary Guards and several cabinet ministers, for human rights abuses.
    That is in addition to the sanctions over Iran's nuclear activities which it fears is aimed at making an atomic bomb, something Tehran denies.
    According to Amnesty International, Iran is second only to China in the number of executions it carries out. It put to death at least 346 people in 2008.

    Read more: Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

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    The International Committees against Stoning and Execution salute protesting people worldwide that called for an end to Ms Ashtiani’s execution. It is as a result of public outcry that Ms Ashtiani is still alive today.

    We ask that people continue their protests, exerting pressure on governments and the Islamic Republic of Iran and highlighting her situation until her execution is officially rescinded and she is released along with her son, Sajjad, her lawyer, Houtan Kian, and the two German journalists arrested on 10 October 2010.

    International Committee against Execution The International Committee Against Execution | Not One More Execution

    Tel: 0049 (0) 1775692413

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    Is there any sort of organization to help just this woman that's not out to get rid of execution entirely? Because I will not sign up for the link you posted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    Is there any sort of organization to help just this woman that's not out to get rid of execution entirely? Because I will not sign up for the link you posted.
    Amnesty International is trying to help
    Iran must not execute woman spared stoning death by any means | Amnesty International

    and here is a petition
    HELP Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani Petition

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