The nephew of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been fined for wearing a Ku Klux Klan costume outside the Open tennis tournament.

Van Thanh Rudd's anti-racism protest in Melbourne (Pictures: ABC News)

Artist Van Thanh Rudd and another man were dressed in the sinister-looking hooded outfit as part of an anti-racism protest.
The 36-year-old activist said he was trying to highlight a recent spate of violence against Indian nationals in Melbourne, the largest city in the southern state of Victoria.
Both men were told to move along and issued with a 130 fine for offensive behaviour.
The prime minister's office declined to comment.

Police intervene in demo

Australian police say while some of the recent attacks on Indians are racially motivated, many are ordinary crimes.
That comment prompted a cartoonist in India to publish an image depicting an Australian officer as a member of the KKK.
Van Thanh Rudd - the son of the PM's brother Malcolm - said the choice of clothing had been "artistic licence" and he was denouncing the "tide of racism in Australia".
Both he and the other man, a teacher, are members of the country's Revolutionary Socialist Party.
He said he had not raised the issue of racism with his uncle.
But having a Vietnamese mother, Tuoi, he said he had also been a victim of verbal abuse.
The artist has stirred controversy in the past, with one of his works banned by the Melbourne City Council.
The painting portrays Ronald McDonald running with the Olympic torch past a burning monk.

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