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Thread: German Greens pull racist campaign poster

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    Default German Greens pull racist campaign poster

    Tagline: “The only reason to choose black. Time for Green.”

    This German campaign poster (tagline above) for the Green party was recently removed after folks quite aptly pointed out that it was a racist, sexist piece of crap.

    The poster put up by the environmental Greens party in the western town of Kaarst contains a play on words: “Black” in German party politics refers to the color colloquially used to describe Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party. Other major parties are described as red, yellow and, of course, green.

    Sexualizing and dehumanizing black women and their bodies is hardly new, but I still was shocked at the blatant racism/sexism combo at play. Even worse, though, was the Green party’s response even after the posters were removed:

    The Greens more than anyone else have always stood for policies characterized by tolerance, cosmopolitanism, and equality. Issues such as integration and women’s politics stand at the center of the Greens’ political work. Accusations that this poster is racist or sexist are thus untenable. (Emphasis mine)
    I think the German Greens should offer a complete apology for this racist and sexist poster. I can understand the context, but the poster is still indefensible. I’m quite embarrassed that that this came from Greens. Wow. We Greens need to acknowledge that we have faults and are also prone to obliviousness.

    The Local:
    The poster in the western town of Kaarst reads “The only reason to vote black,” which is a reference to the party colour of the rival conservative Christian Democrats (CDU). Green officials have said the poster was meant to highlight the party’s policy of supporting same-sex couples ahead of state elections on August 30, but other parties called the poster sexist and racist.

    “The decision over individual posters was done on a local level and not at a state level,” North Rhine-Westphalian Green party heads Daniela Schneckenburger and Arndt Klocke said on Thursday evening. “In this respect we as a national party were not involved in the poster’s production.”

    The two leaders rejected claims that the poster was intentionally racist or sexist, but said they had taken the matter seriously.
    Issues of immigration, multiculturalism, assimilation are hot and sensitive topics in Germany. Whereas America has been a nation of immigrants and generally embraced diversity (to an extent), Europe and Germany and just recently dealing with phenomenons of “borderless” Europe and influxes of immigration. In 2005, some of this tension between ethnic minorities and natives exploded during the Paris riots of 2005. With Eastern European and “less developed counties” (I hate that term, but can’t think of another classification) entering the European Union, cross-cultural interactions will reach a new height. I think over time, people in Europe will learn to reconcile their differences and embrace diversity, but it it’s going take a while.

    German Greens Pull Racist Campaign Poster

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    That's so stupid it's funny. WTF?

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    Well. Certainly an attention grabber!
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    I never thought of it as racist. But I uderstand how people can take it that way.

    They haven't taken it down. In case anyone cares.
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    If it is saying that choosing a black person is vastly preferable to choosing the "black" (i.e. - conservative) party, then it is not racist.

    However, it could be accused of being clumsy and insensitive and too oriented toward a sexual theme.

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    No, it's totally oriented towad a sexual theme.

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