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Thread: The actions of Joseph Schultz, a young German soldier in 1941

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    Default The actions of Joseph Schultz, a young German soldier in 1941

    The actions of Joseph Schultz - Military Photos

    This picture shows a young German soldier walking to his own death. A death by execution conducted by his own brothers in arms

    Jospeh Schultz was a German soldier on the Eastern Front. On the 20th of July 1941, he along with seven of his brothers in arms were sent out on what they thought to be a routine mission. After a short march they soon understood that they were on a quite different mission than what they were used to: Ahead of them, they saw fourteen captured local civilians who were blindfolded , positioned up against a wall. The 8 soldiers in Schultz platoon were halted 10-15 meters away, and an NCO ordered them to execute every one of the civilian. Seven of the soldiers took aim, and in the silence that followed you could only hear the sound of a rifle beeing dropped. Jospeh Schultz disobeyed a direct order, dropped his rifle and walked slowly towards the 14 civilians which only heard cautious footsteps in the grass infront of them. The young Schultz positioned himself together with the soon-to-be executed civilians, and choosed death instead of killing hopeless civilians. A few seconds later 14 civilians and 1 German soldier laid dead in the grass. He was executed by his own brothers in arms by order of the NCO.

    This action shows that its actually possible to do evil things. Its possible to be a free-thinking morally human-being no matter what is happening around you. But, no other of his 7 brothers in arms followed his example. It was no revolt. No large-scale deserting. This is no hero-story. Neither a story about a victim. No-one was saved by Joseph Schultz action. Everyone were shot. Everyone plus one more. But he was a moral example. He refused to fire because its wrong to fire. It was no different on how many that were shot. But it was a difference to him. And to us.

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    How sad.

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    It's not entirely the same, but the boyfriend of one of my housemates at university was in a similar situation. A lot of people would see him as a terrorist, a member of the Tamil Tigers, but he saw himself as a soldier, fignting a jungle war against the people he saw kill him friends and family in the name of law and order. I've never met anyone before 9 (or since i hasten to add) who has killed multiple times as a teenager and it was a sobering experience. However the circumstances i met him in were due to him being ordered to execute hostages in cold blood and it made him realise that he was killing real people and couldn't do that to someone who was not a direct threat to him and who was human too. As a result of this he was exiled under pain of death from the country he was willing to lay down his life for.

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    Celeb, that was a great story to post. I wish more people could read it and then think about exactly what it means. Thanks.
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    It was a normal practice to execute hostages during WWII, that's how the Germans kept the population in check in occupied countries, in France they usually picked up 20 people for every German that was killed, I've never heard of soldiers opposing it

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