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Thread: BNP wins first ever seat on European parliament

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    Default BNP wins first ever seat on European parliament

    Protesters prevent BNP leader Nick Griffin from entering Manchester town hall for the European parliament election results for the North West tonight. Photograph: Manchester Evening News

    The British National party tonight won a seat on the European parliament for the first time in its history after receiving 120,139 votes in the Yorkshire and Humber region.
    In the North West region, Nick Griffin, the far-right party's leader, remained within a whisker of winning a seat tonight.
    Although the BNP's vote in the region fell compared with 2004, its share of the Yorkshire poll rose enough to send Andrew Brons, a former leader of the National Front, to join continental rightwingers in the European parliament.
    Brons took a seat that was previously Labour's second in Yorkshire, as the expenses debacle and internecine warfare in Labour turned traditional supporters away in droves. The Labour vote crashed from 45% to 25% in Barnsley, where the BNP share climbed from 8% to 17%.
    Griffin welcomed the victory as a vindication of the party's claim that "we're here to look after our people because no one else is". He said that feelings were particularly strong in Yorkshire, where former pit communities felt "at the bottom of the heap".

    Pointing to other big rises in the BNP vote to 15% in Rotherham and nearly 12% in Doncaster, Griffin said: "This is ordinary decent people in Yorkshire kicking back against racism, because racism in this country is now directed overwhelmingly against people who look like me."
    Griffin, who had to reach Manchester town hall for his own count in a police van after anti-fascist demonstrators blocked his convoy and hurled eggs, said immigration had become harmful to Britain, particularly with the spread of radical Islam. "Take Bradford it isn't immigration that's happening there, it's colonialism," he said.
    His own evening was one long lurch between advances and retreats for the BNP as declarations came in from the North West's 39 counting areas. In a reverse effect to Yorkshire's, support fell in areas where the party had done well in the past. In Burnley, where they won one of their first English county council seats on Thursday, it dropped from 17% to 15%.

    But the slump in Labour's vote was common to the North West and Yorkshire, leaving the battle for the last of the region's eight seats open until the very end. After the Conservatives had won two, and Labour, Ukip and the Liberal Democrats one each, the BNP and the Greens were at level pegging for the final two hours of counting.
    Brons said after the Yorkshire count in Leeds: "The onslaught against us has been more than against any other party in recent times, but somehow we've overcome it. Despite the lies, despite the money, despite the misrepresentation, we've been able to win through."
    A dapper, besuited figure who adopts the low-key approach encouraged by Griffin, Brons retired last year as a politics and government teacher at Harrogate College. He then re-entered active politics for the first time since standing five times for the National Front in the 1970s after a brief spell as its leader, which ended in internal quarrels. He joined the British National Socialist party as a teenager.

    EU elections: BNP wins first ever seat on European parliament | Politics |

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    Totally unsurprised since they didn't even represent any facts in their flyers.... & also due to the Govt totally neglecting the ex-coal mining areas.
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    bit of history about the BNP for you...

    The 1979 General Election was a severe set-back for the NF. The average vote of its candidates dropping to 1.3 per cent compared to 3.1 per cent in October 1974. NF support was undermined by resurgence of the Conservative Party under Thatcher. NF leaders complained that she had "stolen their clothes"."
    Tyndall resigned from the NF in January 1980 after an argument with Webster. Tyndall formed the New National Front.
    Another NF faction, led by Paul Kavanagh, Andrew Fountaine and Richard Franklin, became the short-lived NF Constitutional Movement. This later became the Constitutionalist Movement, and then the Nationalist Party.
    Andrew Brons succeeded Tyndall as Chairman of the NF in January 1980. With Martin Webster remaining in the influential position of National Activities Organiser, the NF's policies gradually became more extreme as he exerted his influence.
    Over the next four year the NF lacked any sense of direction. Whilst it presented candidates in elections and organised demonstrations, it attracted little support.
    Tyndall had taken Spearhead with him and so Nationalism Today was launched as the NF's theoretical journal.
    In April 1982, the New National Front became the modern British National Party (BNP). It was now the largest group on the extreme Right with John Tyndall as its leader.
    The BNP was and still is strongest in the East and South East of London and parts of Lancashire. Tyndall's deputies were Richard Edmonds and John Morse (a newspaper editor).
    During the early 1980s the BNP worked hard to build a secure financial and membership base. The BNP contested 53 seats in the 1983 General Election but attracted a negligible vote.
    Within the NF there was a feeling that Webster was to blame for many of its problems and that he should be removed.
    Joe Pearce and Nick Griffin resigned from the NF Directorate. They claimed "the NF is a desperately sick organisation. Morale is at an all time low. Membership figures have risen slightly as a result of the general election, but overall it has fallen so much that we are now back to the levels of the start of the 1970s".
    Their resignation letter precipitated much intense debate with the party over the validity of its criticism. In December 1983, Webster and his ally Michael Salt were ousted from the NF.

    In 1988 NF leaders Nick Griffin, Patrick Harrington and Derek Holland went to Tripoli courtesy of the Libyan regime in the hope of securing funding. Unfortunately all they got was 5,000 copies of Colonel Gadaffi's Green Book.
    However, the NF continued to attract little support. The British National Party succeeded in exploiting the National Front's gradual collapse.
    In October 1990, The British National Party was described by the European Parliament's committee on racism and xenophobia as an "openly Nazi party... whose leadership have serious criminal convictions".
    Asked whether this was accurate, Edmonds replied that people such as German stormtroopers were "fine, brave men who fought the whole world for five years".
    When asked if the BNP was racist, Edmonds said, "We are 100 per cent racist, yes".
    The BNP party conference in October 1991 attracted 450 participants, which reflected its success in gaining further members from the NF.
    In 1991 Nick Griffin and a number of other NF leaders left the NF to form the International Third Position, a small but fanatical fascist group. One of the figures behind the ITP was Roberto Fiore, an Italian fascist who fled to London with up to forty others to escape police capture. Fiore was later convicted in absentia. Some of Fiore's associates were behind the Bologna station bombing in 1980 that killed 80 people.

    BBC News | Programmes | Under the skin of the BNP

    The history goes from 1900 to today.
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    God, I got one of their wee flyers before the last council election here. It just reeked of hatred towards everyone who's not them, the racist fucks.
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