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Thread: What in the good gravy is going on with Tori Amos's face?

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    Wow I didn't know about her health issues - that really explains a lot - thx for the info!

    I'm glad she's feeling better -- she's looking better too. Love her new album as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhateverLolaWants View Post
    Wow, Kath. You explained all of my concerns quite succinctly. Puffy face, weird eyes, wig, brow lift and all.

    I didn't really enjoy much or Tori's work after Boys for Pele, but I still have four of her albums that I really enjoy.
    american doll posse was great

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    Ran across a new interview and pic today on another forum, and wanted to post it as she's looking even healthier again--no more wigs. She turned 50, wears glasses, and has a new album of her own original songs coming out next month. I heard one, and it was absolutely gorgeous, very much a return to the 90's era piano ballads. The interview was good too--there are several on YouTube...honestly I began to wonder if she was on heavy meds/benzos the last few years. She's always been a bit strange, but she sounds sane again. Very refreshing.

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    50?! She looks good (at least according to the picture).

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