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Thread: Victoria Beckham's Plastic Surgery Timeline

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    Default Re: Victoria Beckham's Plastic Surgery Timeline

    ^She hasn't had her nose or lips done. Only the boobs.

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    Default Re: Victoria Beckham's Plastic Surgery Timeline

    Great photos! I can't believe that she used to look like this:

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    The boobs most definitely. But I have to say, she looks great when her hair is cut short and cropped. Very gamine and sexy. She should go back to that.
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    Wow, what a major difference. I don't think much was done to her face surgically, but when it comes to aging and weight loss, she looks like a different person. She had a great body when she was young!

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    I feel sorry for her, shes never been happy with her appearance. Its a disorder. She is too obsessed with image and people who take it to extremes have miserable day to day lives. I read her book and she admits that she never did sport/pe/gym at school because it messed up her hair. Alot of us are self conscious but there are people who actually suffer terribly from it.

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