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Thread: Robert Redford: having trouble aging?

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    cries at how he looks now , wonders what a new version of the way we were would be like with them aged the numbers of years ..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasha View Post
    Redford's wearing a rug, I'd swear to it.

    He was never as gorgeous as Newman. Not nearly as sexy, charismatic, or talented either.

    I'm a big fan of both actors. But Newman always had the more interesting face, as well as being the better actor. Redford was classically handsome when he was young, but in a bland frat boy kind of way. He looked his best in Butch Cassidy, where the mustache gave him an edgier look. But one of the things I like about both actors, aside from their intelligence and humor, is that they've both done more with their lives than just been actors. Newman used the money from his successful food products line to donate millions to charity, including summer camps for kids with cancer. Redford founded the Sundance Film Festival, as well as being active in environmental issues. They could have spent their lives in debauchery (like Jack Nicholson) or just partying around (like Robert Wagner), but instead they tried to do something else worthwhile with their lives.

    However, I do think Redford wears a hairpiece. Most men his age do have thinning (gray or white) hair, but perhaps that's his vanity.
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