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It's different though when a person has obviously made a great effort to change their appearance in terms of their age. Yes, they're going to be critisized for it.

But if someone just went "fuck it" I don't care if you see my wrinkles, I am who I am. I doubt they'd get bashed.
I wouldn't call it bashing. It's often just amazement at how some folks out there, the Beattys and Redfords (though he later tried to get some repairs that were botched), age so horribly badly. So when people express their feelings about that it's not the same "name calling" they'd do as for the likes of the Joan Rivers, Chers or Wildensteins of the world, but more a sad, amazed, nostalgic comment in a "where did all the beauty fade to?" type of way. They don't criticize them for getting wrinkled, they utter sadness over the fact they didn't age particularly well.