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Thread: Miss Thailand Universe 2010's transformation

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    Looks like she had her jaw narrowed as well as the soft tissue work. The bone work is extremely intensive. I think she looks fantastic.
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    I prefer her after pics personally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novice View Post
    She's is drop dead gorgous here!
    That what I think too, Novice. She was lovely. Women from South Asia are stunning. But a lot of them buy into that Western ideal of what pretty is supposed to be.
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    She no longer looks Thai, more of a Latin look now.

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    ^I could see that.

    She looks harder, more disaffected and porny. She looked so sweet and naturally beautiful before. It's like she went in and asked the plastic surgeon for the "Kim Kardashian." She erased her real features. And I hate those fillers, her smile is weird now.

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