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Thread: Kristin Chenoweth's plastic surgery

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    Everytime I see her, I am reminded of Miss Noodle from Elmos World.

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    I've seen her in person and she's really young looking and petite

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    you already know.


    wow damn and, who?!

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    ^I'll second that .. I've seen her in person too -

    She is so tiny and thin from 20 paces out you think she's a teenage kid. It's only when you get close you realize she is not just an adult but one approaching middle age.

    That said, she looks great .... when I saw her it was away from cameras so there was no heavy makeup or tanning sheen, and she looked totally normal: in the LA sense - boob lift (def not fake, but lifted), face work (Id guess some sort of lift), teeth done (is there celebrity out there with real teeth?), and botox (par for the course).

    LOL. I don't know about all of that actually, but that'd be my guess. She was really sweet actually, and a genuinely nice person.

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    Lurve her! She does look different but not weirdly different. She looks thinner now and her face is more angular and defined which can happen to women in their 30s naturally. I am sure she has had small things done but it looks great.

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    I'm a member of her fan club and she talks to us a lot... I'm pretty sure she hasn't had anything done. I don't see any change in her looks, but the picture of her in the red/pink striped dress is awful. She doesn't actually look like that.

    As for the teeth, well, in all her child hood pictures she has perfect, gorgeous, white teeth, and that includes her in her 18s. And considering what her child hood was like, she didn't have any work done in Broken Arrow, OK, trust me.

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