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Thread: Isis Gee

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    This is almost too much to take in. That face. Her toes. A website called That song. The video concept from 1991. The Mariah hand flourishes. It is just too much.

    Also, according to wiki:


    Tamara is a soprano noted to have a vocal range that spans over four octaves and is known for her powerful belt and strong vocal tambour. She has been named the next Celine Dion.[10]
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    She looks like she used to be a he.
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    Those long toes bother me.
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    Whoa, I actually gasped when I saw her feet. And that AFTER I saw her new face. Both are photoshopped, at least I really hope so, since no-one wants to look like this from head to literally toe.

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    Her voice isnt the worst Ive heard, but what can she actually do to impress me? To stand out from the crowd? Are her toes her only feature that really makes us draw breath? Waste of money sculpting and shaping that bod when her toes needed no adjustment to make people gasp!!! Hee hee.
    Jack I swear.

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