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Thread: Hollywood's Plastic Surgery Backlash

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasha View Post

    Not so much freakishly 'young-looking', as just freakish. I saw Lara Flynn Boyle in some goddawful movie the other night and she looked like a monster.

    the first person I thought of was Lara, second was Meg Ryan with her Joker lips.

    it would be nice to see women go back to looking "real"

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    I wish this were true. But I don't buy it for a fucking minute. Maybe a few rouge filmmakers and casting directors.
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    It's about time really. It seems the last 5 years especially that in both movies and television, most of the actors just have a blank, vacant,expressionless look on their faces through not being able to move their faces. Even in scenes where you expect a huge reaction. It was looking quite freaky and alienish.

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    Let's all hope Nicole Kidman reads this and takes heed.

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