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Thread: Deena from Jersey Shore got a new face

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    She actually needs more work done.

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    a bag over her head should do the trick.
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    SoCal... Duh.


    She looks, dare I say, "normal" looking in the picture on the left, I just she had just gotten her teeth fixed, but the picture on the right...... is just a tad overboard....almost Kim K territory

    Ok, sorry to go off the thread topic but as I was looking for Kim K surgery pics to compare with Deena I found these Kim K comparison before/after. Too nuts not to share....

    Is it just me, or does she look like Cher in the first picture

    Ok, carry on....
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    Quote Originally Posted by eboni View Post
    I've never been to New Jersey but if anyone else has, can you please tell me if the Jersey Shores, Jerseylicious and Housewives of Jersey "looks" are the norm? The orange skin, the huge hair, the huge bling and just the overall over-done-ness, is this how most of the women and men look?
    Just wow.

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