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Thread: Dawn Yang: PS Galore

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    She is pretty but geez...she got her whole face done!

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    Oh please, you know the girl looks much better now. I applaud her on getting work done. She had issues with herself, got work done, and now she's gorgeous. I'd do the same thing if I was her.

    But, I've come to love my background. I don't look like the regular girl because of my Spanish and French background. I'm Hispanic, but also Caucasian. It makes for a nice mix. Of course, I'd like to make certain adjustments to my face and body, but in the end, I'm kind of happy with myself now.

    Also, maybe I can kind of explain why a lot of people who are Asian try to look different. I'm not Asian, but certain people have told me it looks like I might be because I have slanted eyes. Anyway, growing up, my family moved a lot around the world, so I always had to fit in somewhere new. Having a Caucasian father and a Hispanic mother wasn't easy either, since whenever I had to fill out a form, as a race, I'd choose "Other" and some of the kids thought I was weird. That made me want to be more like the kids around me. When I was in Japan, I tried to be more like them and dyed my hair and so on. When I was in Germany, my hair got a bit lighter and I tried to get paler so my Hispanic side wouldn't be so apparent. But finally, after changing so many times to adapt to the area I was in and the people around me, I gave it up and just decided to embrace my culture(s).

    I WILL do something in plastic surgery when I'm older though. I can't stand the thought of aging naturally.

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