Lofty I can tell you about two friends and their lipo stories. One friend was 47, had nursed two kids and her breasts didn't bounce back so she had a lift at the same time and being a pear shape she had lipo on her upper thighs. she always had a super tiny waist average hips but a bulge at the top of her thighs and she wanted to be evened out.

When I saw her in town, can't remember how much after I had to see the work so we went into the restaurant bathroom and she flashed me. the poor thing. she was a size 6 jean but her thigh fat had traveled and her upper thigh became concave. like a crater.

it was extremely bad. In clothes she looked fine. but. hell, I'd never do it. but she was perky on top!

Other friend had double mastectomy and she had D cups. 5 foot 2 inches. 105 lbs
so basically no fat on thighs, butt or stomach.

the doctor did a tiny bit of lipo above her navel where you'd have a six pack. there wasn't enough fat so she had some put on top and then implants. 3 years later that stomach area traveled when she gained a couple of pounds. maybe she's 108 lbs now. That area is hard like a rock. Any weight gained creates pockets of fat in other places around the lipo site.

I would never recommend lipo to anyone. She said it was more painful and took longer to heal than the whole surgery and Implants. and of course my mothers friend who died of complications.