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Thread: Jerry Hall says a new husband is better than plastic surgery

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    Default Jerry Hall says a new husband is better than plastic surgery

    Jerry Hall says a new husband is better than a facelift.

    The 50-year-old model, the ex-wife of Rolling Stones Mick Jagger, thinks women should age gracefully rather than undergo plastic surgery.

    Jerry told Britain's Closer magazine: "Women should age with dignity. The idea that you have this young face and a wrinkly body? It's gross! Why try and look younger than you are? Maybe you need a new husband rather than a facelift!"

    The blonde beauty also says she feels her curvy size 12 figure makes her look younger than she really is.

    She said: "Being thin makes you look scrawny when you're older."
    Jerry Hall's surgery slam

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    thats true. My grandma would look way younger if she was not all bone and skin.

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    Jerry sounds like she'd be a lot of fun.

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    Looks arent everything. They're the ONLY thing.
    Ha ha just joking. No really, they are important, but if you dice yourself up too often, the scars are worse than the sagging skin was. Why does no one talk about the scars all this surgery leaves behind.

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    Love Jerry, think she looks great and completely agree with her. Dieting down when you're older just makes you look like hell. And plastic surgery, unless you're deformed, is absurd. Then again, most of us aren't six-foot former models so we might need a little extra help.
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