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Thread: Plastic surgeon offers free tummy tuck for Britney Spears

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    Default Plastic surgeon offers free tummy tuck for Britney Spears

    Plastic Man Offers Britney Tummy Tuck

    Posted Dec 5th 2006 3:05PM by TMZ Staff
    Filed under: Wacky and Weird, Britney Spears
    .home-page-only {display:none;}TMZ has obtained a Christmas gift certificate for a free tummy tuck and cosmetic surgery offered by a New York cosmetic surgeon to Britney Spears, to help her regain her famous stomach and abs. Fa la la la la.
    (<-- clickable to view letter)
    Recent photos of the pop princess rocked the Internet by showing her very obvious C-section scar, and, er, a few other things. Plastic surgeon Brad Jacobs, who has shaped over 200 Playboy bunnies, decided to offer his expertise to the former Mousketeer.

    Dr. Jacobs said "Prior to getting married, having children, and withdrawing from the musical limelight, Ms. Spears had one of the best bodies in the business -- often appearing onstage in midriff-bearing outfits that showcased her six-pack," and says he is "committed to returning Britney to that form."

    La la la la.


    If you think it's crazy, you ain't seen a thing. Just wait until we're goin down in flames.

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    No matter what he does to help her weight/appearance, she's still a pig, and will always be a pig, to me.

    Comeback my ass.

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    she needs to do something! shes not getting the right people to pull her out of her white trash tendencies. funny thing is, if she hadnt made it in the entertainment industry, i see her as being 25 with 2 kids with a loser like kfed just the same.

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    Didn't she allegedly have one after the second kid???

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    Doesn't it make you sick, we have to go without food for a week for surgery and these assholes could afford it easy yet get it for nothing.

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    What else does he want from her? He looks not quite right to me.

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    I mean, why so many people hate her so much... I don't love her nor hate her, I don't know her and I don't care, but it makes me remember that South Park episode about her being hated... jeje.. it was sadly funny... now, about Britney Spears Plastic Surgery I agree that she put breast implants couple of times and that she is using some kind of procedure, like that ultrasound thingy or mesotherapy.

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    Wow, he's back in business.

    I thought Dr Jacobs lost his license.

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