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Thread: Tom Jones is looking his age despite years of cosmetic surgery

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    Default Tom Jones is looking his age despite years of cosmetic surgery

    Tom Jones looking his age at last

    As his legion of knicker-wielding female fans will testify, Sir Tom Jones, nearing his 70th birthday, remains the ultimate pensioner pin-up.

    But with heavily wrinkled eyes and deep facial crevices, it seems that 40 years of plastic surgery have taken their toll on the Welsh star.

    Indeed, as he took an afternoon stroll through the streets of Beverly Hills, near his Californian home, the Sex Bomb singer looked every one of his 66 years.

    Wearing a casual black top and trousers and carrying a snazzy leather "man-bag," Sir Tom's greying goatee beard and sideburns did little to help matters.

    His ageing appearance comes just seven months after he admitted that, following years of cosmetic surgery, he has been warned that his face will collapse if has any more work done.

    And last night top plastic surgeon Alex Karidis said: "Years of sun damage from the harsh Californian sun has not done Tom's Welsh skin much good.

    "He also has very prominent dynamic lines caused from where the muscles in the face contract and tighten, as well as very pronounced laughter lines. A career of smiling and expression have taken their toll.

    "No amount of surgery could eradicate these lines and at his age, the last thing I would recommend is more surgery. A spot of Botox, to relax these lines, is the only thing that might help reduce the wrinkling.

    "Tom has clearly had eyelift surgery but it looks as though he had too much skin removed during the procedure, causing the white under his pupils to touch the lower eyelid margin. This has not been the case in earlier years."

    As well as a reported nose job - rhinoplasty - an eyelift, face-lift, teeth capping and fat removed from his chin, the singer has also had a complicated scalp reduction procedure to push back the tide of baldness.

    Since his first operation, to reduce the width of his nose, he is estimated to have spent around 30,000 on cosmetic surgery.

    Sir Tom, who is worth over 50 million, recently admitted that he had been advised by his Beverly Hills plastic surgeon not to have any further operations.

    "I went to see a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and he said: 'You've got to be careful with your lower eyes," the singer revealed.

    "He advised me against having anything else done.

    "He told me: 'Your eyes will be bloody popping.

    He said I should try to look as natural as I can."

    But in the same interview, in which he confessed to having had "some nips and tucks," he did not rule out the possibility of future surgery.

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    He's pretty scary. I think if he'd left things alone, he would look much better now in his older years. Plastic surgery only slows down aging; it doesn't stop it. Then you're left with bizarre-looking wrinkles that aren't found on a naturally aging face.

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    well it's weird.. he's got under the eye bags, and some wrinkling on the sides..

    if he got rid of that it wouldnt be too bad, at least it would match... he'd still look pulled tight, but tight all over
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    very unnatural looking if anything. They always look so strange with very very aged places(around the eyes) but then with no gray in the hair..?? wtf? Leave some gray in your hair or it looks ridiculous.
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    Why do most people who had ps end up looking like burn victims sooner or later?

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    He looks awful......

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