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Thread: Boob Job Ruins JWoww's Face

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    Default Boob Job Ruins JWoww's Face

    Last night, JWOWW and Snooki made an appearance on What What Happens Live, which might as well be renamed Andy Cohen’s Nightly Shitshow. Being that it was Groundhog Day and being that it involved cast members of Jersey Shore, the show was extra ridiculous. The girls touched on their upcoming Jersey Shore spin-off and then moved onto more exciting topics like how Snooki got her UTI.

    How? You ask. Oh, butt sex. Duh. Why wouldn’t that be the reason and why wouldn’t she share that on TV?

    But the most interesting part of the show, besides Snooki’s gynecological update of course, was JWOWW’s face. It looked…frozen. Like she borrowed all the Botox from all the Real Housewives and shot them into her forehead.

    When Andy asked her what work she had done, she replied that she’s only had a boob job. Which is a lie. Just look at that face! That’s the work of a doctor and/or needles. Now whether it’s the work of a boob job gone wrong remains to be seen. You just never know if your plastic surgeon will get overexcited about his job and give you a facelift for free.

    Did a Boob Job Ruin JWOWW's Face?

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    Botox and fillers. That stuff must be addictive, so many chicks go overboard with it.
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    Yikes! I happened to run across a show yesterday on MTV about the Jersery Shore cast when they were 17 years old. J Wow was way cuter with a little baby fat and no fake boobs. She should have quit the surgeries a long time ago...

    When I Was 17 | Ep. 12 | JWOWW, Pauly D, The Situation | MTV

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    WCG - i'm so glad you posted this! the problem is that these chicks say they haven't had anything else done because they other stuff is injectables. that still counts! her cheeks and lips were so out of control on WWHL. her face looked absolutely ridiculous. otherwise, she actually looked good. i like her hair like that.
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    is it just me or does she resemble snooki now?

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    the title of this thread actually made me L.O.L.
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